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Ask Milly – Why are you a Green Bay Packers Fan? 833-ASK-MILLY

by | 15 February, 2021 | Uncategorized

Ask Milly? Today’s Question: Why are you a Green Bay Packers Fan?

Hey Tampa Bay, don’t think for a second that I only care about the Packers. My history with the Buccaneers goes way back. I had season tickets both at Ray Jay and back when they played at the old Sombrero. I loved going to Bucs games and it was accidentally along the way that my interest in the Packers began.

Back then, the Green Bay Packers were in our division and we played them twice every year. What I began to notice is that every time we played them here, there would be more Packers jerseys in the stands then Bucs jerseys. There fans were both eager to see and support their team as well as gregarious. They were nice and welcoming. You could talk football with them and enjoy the game together. I did not find that in any other visiting team.

So, I decided to make the pilgrimage to Green Bay. I wanted to see what this was all about it. Why were they so into their team? Why do they seem to be having more fun at the games then any other fans? I was blown away by what happened next.

As my daughter Ally and I walked towards the arena, fans stopped us in the parking lot and invited us to tailgate with them. I’m in town like ten minutes and I’m already having a “brat and a beer” with Packers fans! You then go into Lambeau Field and you see it. All the history, all the excitement and that frozen tundra memorialized in song and stories. It was both overwhelming and breathtaking.

They have a museum under the stadium with everything you want to see. Vince Lombardi! Bart Starr! Brett Favre! It was so cool.

The Packers are the only team in the NFL owned by the fans. You can buy stock in the team and feel like you are a real part of it all. The whole town shuts down when the game is on. The area hotel and airport employees are ready to talk Packers with you before you even get to the stadium. My daughter and I have gone back several times and made some real friends and watched some great football. Lambeau Field is the closest thing to a cathedral that the NFL has.

I still love the Bucs but I’m a Cheesehead now too. #NFL #askmilly

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