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Hello and welcome to our Website! I’m sure you have a million thoughts going through your head right now, and you’re wondering if we are the best fit to handle your case for you. I’m sure you’re wondering if we can get you the justice you deserve! Or maybe you just need some legal advice on the ins and outs of starting a new business, have questions about family court cases, or how to draft a will.

Why Partner With Our team?

We ensure our family is provided the best quality and affordable legal services. We know the law can be confusing and we don’t want you, our family, to be without someone who knows the law to ensure you are protected.

We passionately believe every person deserves to have someone by their side fighting for them in order to receive the maximum benefits they deserve. We will do everything we can to ensure we don’t just settle; we WIN for you!

Millicent B. Athanason

Owner | Attorney

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We’re a team well versed in all areas of law. There is no situation too small or too big that we cannot handle for you. From deciphering contracts to defending you in a personal injury case or family law, we can handle it all!

Personal Injury

Were you injured in an accident that was no fault of yours and you need help getting justice? Look no further.

Family Law

Family law is always a tough situation, and we’re here to help make it easier for you. We handle all situations such as: Divorce,


The law can be confusing, so let us do the heavy lifting for you. We will fight for you and coordinate any litigation as needed.


We know these tasks can be daunting, but with our help it will be a breeze! we can help you with your will,

Business Law

Having your own business is enough work as it is. Let us take one thing off your plate and help you navigate everything law

Our Lawyers Are Here For You

We’re a team well versed in all areas of law. There is no situation too small or too big that we cannot handle for you

We Are Experts

Why Clients Choose Our Law Office

Whatever your situation, we’re here to help! Here at the Law Office of Millicent B. Athanason P.A., we aren’t just co-workers and clients, we are family. And if you choose us to help you, you become part of that family too. We always protect our family!

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Our Clients Said About Us

Michael B. | Tampa

I recommend the Law office of Ms. Millicent Athanason. Ms. Athanason is very knowledgeable and caring. She has a special way of explaining the procedures and protocols for your needs – 

Jim S. | Tarpon Springs

She has helped me in dealing with several aspects of my life, including dealing with an accident I had 2 years ago, someone else's fault, where she helped me recover funds to be able to change my car


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Milly Athanason

Milly Athanason


Ally Athanason

Ally Athanason

personal injury case manager

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Kristy Reinhardt


tammie molina

tammie molina

marketing rep

Blerta Qorri

Blerta Qorri

client relation specialist


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